Test for Lili Gaufrette

February 2016 / Lili Gaufrette


This is a 2 DAYS WORK TEST for Lili Gaufrette. They asked me to imagine 3 looks for 3 different situations : Daily life, Week-end at GrandMa place and Ceremony.


I chose to work on winter silhouettes for the 3 looks :

For DAILY LIFE : Inspired from sweetness Scandinavian, powdered pastel colors for top part contrasted with deep blue jean finishing the look with bright shiny boot.

For WEEK-END : Direction to GrandMa house in the middle of the forest, the leafs are red and start to fall down. The little girl is free to wear what she likes. She chooses a tutu with contrasted spangle tights. To not be cold, she wears stuffed boot for her feet, contrasted waistcoat and a coat in fake fur.

For CEREMONY : Dark fushia dress with detail all around bottom part with point lace in same color. Knitted waistcoat with special knot in same color as the dress. Added a neck strap in contrasted color fake fur to be stylish.